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Events and Workshops Across the College

Center for Mentoring and Learning
Center for
Mentoring and
Read about mentoring, teaching and learning across the College, including all centers and programs.
Learn about resources available to you, both internal and external to Empire State College, to support your mentoring and teaching.
Learn about the programs we offer, including events, sessions and workshops, and about services and support we provide.

Learn creative and helpful uses of technology in your mentoring and teaching.

Learn about research opportunities, conferences, funding and faculty's publications.

Read our newsletter to learn about recent events and initiatives. Find the link to All About Mentoring.

Welcome to the Center for Mentoring and Learning!

We support faculty, administrators and professional employees in broadening their knowledge, deepening their understanding and strengthening their practice. Through supporting ongoing development and renewal in scholarship and practice, gathering and disseminating information, supporting dialogue and collaboration, we work to support a real learning community at Empire State College.  We hope you will find what you are looking for on this site, use it to connect with others, and let us know your needs, questions, and requests.  Welcome to CML!