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Community Groups

Members of this community are welcome to request creation of a community group.  And you may decide the level of access to your group, depending on its purposes. To give examples of possible groups, we have created:

  • New Faculty Roundtable (open to first and second year faculty)
  • CML Advisory Board (open to CML Advisory Board members)

If you would like to join one of these groups, click on the group (below).

You might want to request groups related to function in the College (e.g., Assessment Group), or to role (e.g., Associate Deans), or to shared interest (e.g., faculty who teach writing or faculty working on a publication), or to Area of Study.

If you would like to request creation of a new community group, click on the ‘Create a New Community Group’icon (below).”

Create a New Community Group How to Use Community Groups


A community group for first or second year faculty members at ESC.
6 Members
A community group for associate deans at ESC.
7 Members
Writing for Publication
3 Members
A space for CML staff to discuss website-related issues.
4 Members
A space for the CIRCLES group at Empire State College.
10 Members
Social Research
3 Members
A discussion area for adjunct faculty at ESC.
4 Members
A planning group for the New Mentor Orientation.
2 Members
Incorporating Attention to Diversity across the Areas of Study
3 Members
A discussion area for CML Advisory Board
4 Members
A space for the 2012 Empire State College group proposal for SUNY Innovative Instruction Technology...
1 Members
Incorporating Attention to Sustainability across the Areas of Study
2 Members
Faculty who would like to form a study group to explore together a particular topic related to...
1 Members
Invite only
A space for the Institute on Mentoring, Teaching and Learning
24 Members