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National Society for Experiential Education (NSEE) Annual Conference

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Sep 26 2016
Sep 28 2016
America/New York

NSEE’s 45th Annual Conference will explore opportunities to embrace diversity and facilitate student success through strengthening experiential education programs within our institutions. The conference will inspire answers to the following questions:
 What has been done to leverage our embrace of diversity toward new modalities within
experiential learning?
 What impact has experiential education made on the success of our institutions as we serve
increasing diverse student populations?
 What has been done to build, assess, and sustain high-quality experiential learning
opportunities in student success programs?
 In what ways do our institutions need to evolve and adapt in response to diverse experiential
learning activities?
 What are institutions doing to adopt and apply new or classic research in the field of experiential
As our institutions of higher learning strive to serve a larger and more diverse cross-section of our society than ever before, we aspire to ensure that the richness of experiential education is a meaningful part of every student’s pathway to success. This involves not only understanding the factors that influence student success, but also diverse opportunities for experiential learning within institutions. Traditionally recognized forms of experiential education include internships, service learning, co-curricular community service, student leadership programs, education abroad, co-ops, project-based work, and undergraduate research. Expanding and strengthening experiential learning activities will require innovation and collaboration at all levels from basic assignment design, curriculum integration and institutional vision.
NSEE encourages presentation and session involvement from faculty, staff, administrators, and students. We particularly welcome proposals that engage the NSEE’s 8 Principles of Good Practice or showcase insights drawn from the NSEE’s Experiential Education Academy (EEA), and proposals that explore the application of strengthening experiential education.

Topical areas of investigation for the 45th NSEE Annual Conference include:
 Assessment and evaluation of student learning outcomes and program success
 The application of experiential education pedagogy in student success and diversity programs
 Student hands-on engagement in research practices (i.e. theoretical, empirical, communitybased
 Use of technology to document and facilitate experiential learning (including E-Portfolios and
online curriculum or course management platforms)
 Use of experiential learning in the K-16 arena to provide a pathway of lifelong learning and
success for students
 Curricular and Co-Curricular partnerships on campus and beyond that strengthen and support
experiential student-led campus based partnerships
 Student leadership models that follow the NSEE’s 8 Principles of Good Practice
 Ethical issues pertaining to experiential education
 Cultural and human diversity case studies in experiential education
 Changing student needs, their impact on experiential education and student support services
About the Conference
Join NSEE as we explore experiential education’s impact on diversity and student success related issues at the 45th Annual Conference on the beautiful River Walk in San Antonio, TX.
Meet, learn and share experiences with fellow experiential educators, practitioners, faculty, and students to explore the innovative ways to advance theory and practice of Experiential Education.
Conference attendees may also wish to enroll in NSEE's pre-conference workshops delivered by the
Experiential Education Academy (EEA) to gain theoretical grounding and practical insights into good practice in experiential program design, delivery and assessment. Many EEA participants complete courses toward a certificate of completion. Check out for more information.

45th Annual Conference


Conference Date: 
Sep 26 2016 - Sep 28 2016
Application/Proposal Deadline: 
Feb 5 2016
San Antonio, TX
Contact Email:
National Society for Experential Education