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Mentoring, Teaching & Learning

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In this section:

  1. information, resources, suggestions, about mentoring, teaching and learning

  2. underlying principles, our learners, pedagogy, and processes and procedures

  3. links to offices, documents, and other resources.

Drawn from the work of many Empire State College mentors, who developed Mentorsite (now archived) and Mentor Source, and other contributors:

  • Alan Mandell, Frieda Mendelsohn, Chris Rounds, Susan Oaks, Xenia Coulter, Mayra Bloom, Cathy Davison, Brian Gabriel, Francis Murage, Robyn Silverman and Stephanie Thomas.

The CML site is a work in progress with several areas yet to be developed.  Colleagues are invited to send information, ideas, comments and requests related to the site.  We want it to be helpful to you!

  1. Mentoring Essentials

    1. Mentoring at Empire State College

    2. Roles of Mentors

    3. Managing Workload

  2. Working with Students 

    1. Adults as Learners

    2. Pre-enrollment

    3. Enrolling Students

    4. Learning Contracts

  3. Academic Issues

    1. Student Contact: Sustaining Communication

    2. Academic Skills

    3. Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty

    4. Students with Special Needs

    5. Student Rate of Progress 

  4. Planning Degrees

    1. Undergraduate Educational Planning

    2. Graduate Degree Planning

  5. Modes of Study

  6. Innovations in Practice

    1. Faculty Collaborations

  7. Assessing and Evaluating Learning

    1. Formative Assessment

  8. Blended and Online Pedagogy