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Managing Workload

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The Elements of Workload

Elements of mentors' work may include:

Work with Students:

  • recruitment and orientation
  • enrollment
  • direct tutoring
  • helping students learn
  • helping students connect with learning resources
  • degree planning
  • developing and leading studies and/or courses
  • assessment of prior learning.

Work within the Empire State College Community:

  • committee work within the center/unit/program
  • collegewide governance
  • areas of study.

Work within the Geographic Community:

  • liaison with other academic institutions
  • recruitment and training of tutors and evaluators
  • liaison with employers.

Professional Development:

  • maintaining currency within your field of academic expertise
  • exploring and developing expertise in new areas
  • developing academic resources
  • presenting/participating at conferences
  • research and publication within your academic/professional areas of interest
  • research and publication related to mentoring.

Mentors across the college, even within the same center, divide their work up among these tasks in quite different ways.

Managing Workload:

  • focusing on retaining students
  • making thoughtful choices regarding tutorials
  • preserving your professional development days.