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Modes of Study

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Numerous ways to study at Empire State College:

Guided independent study:

  • Student plays a major role in designing the study, including framing the learning goals, the learning activities involved to achieve those goals, work to be submitted, and how the work will be evaluated
  • student works one-on-one with the faculty member, meeting periodically either face-to-face or at a distance, whether by phone, e-mail, mail, or the Web.

Study groups:

  • work together on a shared topic while continuing to engage in independent study
  • meet either weekly or bi-weekly.

Web courses:

  • students participate without physically attending class or traveling
  • students log in to the course several times a week as outlined in course requirements
  • student communicate with other students and the instructor on the Web and through email.

Residency-based studies:

Thematic residencies typically last two or three days and draw students from across the state and beyond.  Examples include: women’s studies, environmental studies and a fire service administration.  Other residencies can be developed.

Cross-registration with regionally accredited institutions:

Take a course for academic credit at another institution, provided that it is regionally accredited.

Internships, field experiences, and practicums:

Students may incorporate internships and/or field experiences into their degree programs, including formal internship programs offered by local, state and national government, or by corporations, nonprofit institutions or colleges and universities.