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Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty

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Academic Integrity

Empire State College's Library has excellent resources dealing with plagiarism and academic dishonesty. You can link to:

Strategies for working with students who may have plagiarized or acted dishonestly.

  • If there is insufficient (or no) documentation in a paper, ask the student what his/her sources were for the paper.
  • If you suspect that the student got excessive help in completing academic work, ask the student to submit his/her notes, or ask for a rough draft of a paper.
  • Allow students to revise and resubmit work.
  • You can make it a condition of the study to have the student work with the Director of Academic Support in his/her center.
  • You can submit the student's paper to sources such as and can check for plagiarism on the college's Detection Strategies page.