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Annual Assessment Network of New York (ANNY) Workshop and Conference Meeting

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Apr 18 2016
Apr 20 2016
America/New York
Keynote & Plenary Speakers

Andrea Lex

Dr. Andrea Lex is Senior Vice President for Operations and Chief of Staff for the Middle States Commission on Higher Education.  Service in previous positions included senior level responsibilities in the areas of planning, resource allocation, and institutional research at Prince George’s Community College, Maryland; University of Washington, Seattle; Duquesne University and the Community College of Allegheny County, Pittsburgh.  Dr. Lex is a Past President of the Society for College and University Planning and a recipient of the Society’s Distinguished Service Award.

Wednesday Keynote: "Innovation:  What? How? Why?"

What exactly is “innovation”?  How/why does it happen?  What is its goal?  How do we know when “it” has succeeded?  And, if successful, can the “it”  be scaled?   Recent actions and initiatives undertaken by both the U.S. Department of Education and the Middle States Commission on Higher Education indicate they too are looking to both better understand innovation and provide guidance to those attempting to facilitate it.  During this session we will take a look at these developments and their potential implications for what, how, and why we assess. 


Ashley Finley

Dr. Ashley Finley is the Associate Vice President of Academic Affairs & Dean of the Dominican Experience at the Dominican University of California and the national evaluator for the Bringing Theory to Practice (BTtoP) Project. Previously, she served as the senior director of assessment and research at AAC&U. Finley’s national work, at both the campus and national levels, focuses on developing best practices regarding program implementation, instrumentation, and mixed methods assessment. Her work combines assisting campuses with the implementation of assessment protocols and the promotion of best practices across the institution, including general education, academic departments, and the cocurriculum. She is the author of Making Progress: What We Know the Achievement of Liberal Education Outcomes, and Using the VALUE Rubrics for Improvement of Learning and Authentic Assessment, with Terrel Rhodes, and many other articles and book chapters on assessment and student learning. In her work with Bringing Theory to Practice, Ashley worked with campuses to implement and assess programs focused on the intersectionality of emphases attendant to the whole student— their engagement in learning, civic development, and their psychosocial well-being. Before joining AAC&U, she was an assistant professor of sociology at Dickinson College, where she taught courses in quantitative methods, social inequality, and gender in Latin America. As a faculty member she taught courses incorporating high-impact learning practices, such as learning communities and service learning. Finley received a BA from the University of Nebraska-Lincoln and an MA and PhD, both in sociology, from the University of Iowa.

Monday Plenary: “The Unicorn Dilemma: The Mythical Task of Building a Culture of Assessment”

One of the most difficult objectives to achieve in assessment is building a culture for it on campus. The implication seems to be that once a culture of assessment exists people will talk about evidence, they will (willingly) engage in data collection, and at the very least, no one will dread it anymore. But it can be hard enough to change a relatively minor policy on a campus, let alone effect a culture shift. In this plenary, we will take on the unwieldy, amorphous challenge of building a culture of assessment by breaking down the term “culture” and applying its component parts to practical strategies and actionable steps. Participants will be invited to consider a range of campus-based examples that reflect elemental shifts toward building a culture of assessment. The goal is for participants to leave with a new perspective on seemingly impossible tasks and new ways to strategize about reaching their own campus assessment goals.


Jillian Kinzie

Associate Director, Center for Postsecondary Research Indiana University School of Education NSSE Institute and NILOA Senior Scholar

Tuesday Plenary:

Info about Jillian and her session will be available soon.

Conference Date: 
Apr 18 2016 - Apr 20 2016
University at Buffalo, Amherst, NY
Assessment Network of New York (ANNY)