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Comprehensive Retention Planning for STEM Programs

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May 25 2016
May 27 2016
America/New York

Incoming STEM students continue to enter higher education underprepared to handle the rigor of the programs. This training will address specific challenges facing first- and second-year STEM students (when the dropout risk is the highest) and link these to solutions that work across the student lifecycle, including:

  • High school and pre-college outreach
  • Building student motivation for STEM majors
  • Proactive academic advising and bridge programs
  • In-classroom activities to improve engagement

Pre-Conference Workshop: Redesigning Curriculum to Remove Bottleneck Courses

This interactive workshop will examine a proven model for curriculum redesign that directly addresses low retention in bottleneck courses.

Conference Date: 
May 25 2016 - May 27 2016
Denver, CO
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