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Conference on Meaningful Gamification

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Apr 15 2016 08:30
Apr 15 2016 14:00
America/New York

This event will bring together gamification scholars, researchers, and enthusiasts, from across the Northeast to discuss the benefits of gamification in education.

Gamification is an alternative engagement strategy that uses game mechanics, dynamics, and frameworks with the aim of encouraging desired behaviors. Research on the use of game-design elements in the field of education indicates a potential for gamification to promote motivation and student engagement.

The Conference on Meaningful Gamification is committed to disseminating effective strategies for applying gamification to learning contexts, and to  providing a means to support faculty members (and others) who investigate, implement, and seek more information on gamified course elements. Conference activities will include talks from leading gamification researchers and a hands-on workshop to help participants to develop their own gamified activities.

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Conference Date: 
Apr 15 2016
Buffalo, NY
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Graduate School of Education at the University at Buffalo