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Call for Study Proposals: Women's and Gender Studies Residency; Due July 10 for March 2018 Onsite Meeting

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2018 Women’s and Gender Studies Residency: Request for Study Proposals

Term: Spring 1 2018, onsite meeting in the Capital Region, March 1-3, 2018

Submissions Due: Monday, July 10; Submit study proposals via the WGSR email:

Notification of acceptance: Friday, July 21  

2018 Theme: Gender Roles and Identities: Evolution and Revolution

The theme of the Women’s and Gender Studies Residency for 2018 is the evolution and revolution in the ways that human societies have understood gender roles and identities.

Request for studies: “XX and XY, Blue and Pink, don’t tell the full story.” * How might your study address some of the revolutionary [or evolutionary] developments in gender roles and identities, that have been the subjects of contemporary debates and lived experiences, or that emerged at specific historic moments in time, in Western or non-Western societies, for specific classes or races or ethnicities or sexualities? What movements, populations, or historic contexts prompted the gender role and identity revolution/evolution that is the focus of your study?

We seek a variety of studies that may be grounded in a wide variety of academic disciplines or interdisciplinary fields, such as history, literature, the arts, popular culture, communications, business, politics, public affairs, sociology, psychology, economics, anthropology, the natural sciences, or information sciences.        

Some foundations for our theme, that we hope will be conveyed in all studies in some form: The fundamental revolution in thinking about “gender” in the academy is that it is now understood to be socially-constructed, and culturally- and historically-specific, rather than an inherent or biologically-determined state-of-being. “Gender roles” include the socially-constructed characteristics, appropriate behaviors, realms of activity and roles assigned to males and females in relationship to one another. Modern-era Western industrialized societies have historically adopted binary ways of thinking and have recognized two genders, “male” and “female” or “masculine” and “feminine.” In the contemporary Western and non-Western worlds, however, recognition that a strict separation of public and private realms of society does not represent lived experience, and that gender categories are more fluid and diverse than “male/masculine” and “female/feminine” is growing.

Gender matters because human societies organize themselves and determine power and privilege along gender identity lines. Gender differences in the West are linked to two “separate spheres” of society. The “public” sphere of paid work, government, politics and war-making has historically been designated a male/masculine and privileged realm of society. The “private” or domestic sphere of home and family that focuses on nurturing and caregiving has historically been designated a female/feminine and subordinate realm of society.

*Quote from Susan Goldberg, National Geographic magazine, editor-in-chief, introduction to NG Journeys in Film: Gender Revolution (2017).

In order for the study offerings to be included in the spring term guide and for preparation of the residency materials, proposals must be submitted by Monday, July 10th.  Proposals should provide the study title, amount of credit, level, liberal/non-liberal, general education category (if any), the AOS the study is associated with (if it meets an AOS guideline), and a course description. Please also indicate if your proposed course is adaptable for graduate level study.

All WGSR studies blend distance learning utilizing the Moodle online course platform throughout the term with the onsite meeting.  Participating faculty must agree to promote the residency among students at their respective location, as well as attend and fully participate in the onsite meeting in the Capital Region March 1-3, 2018.

If this is your first time teaching a residency study, please contact for a brief overview of structure, use of onsite meeting time, etc.  General questions can be directed to

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Tue, 2017-06-13
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