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Faculty Learning Community Developers’ and Facilitators’ Institute

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Jul 11 2016
Jul 14 2016
America/New York

16th Annual
Faculty Learning Community
Developers’ and Facilitators’ Institute

Community is often missing in higher education, where connections across disciplines and institutional units are overlooked. Faculty and professional learning communities (FLCs) help establish these connections and achieve most of the outcomes of student learning communities: increased interest in learning, retention, active learning, rate of intellectual development, and civic contributions to the common good. The safety and support engendered in a community enable risk taking and the achievement of both individual and team objectives. Evidence shows that FLCs provide effective “deep learning” that encourages and supports faculty to investigate, attempt, assess, and adopt new methods of teaching.

FLC developers and facilitators have been identified as the most important keys to FLC success. Developers/Facilitators can learn successful strategies and methods for designing, implementing, and facilitating FLCs and FLC programs at the 11th annual FLC Summer Institute.

Conference Date: 
Jul 11 2016 - Jul 14 2016
Northern Arizona University, Flagstaff, AZ
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