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Current Faculty Reassignments

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Heather Reynolds

Heather Reynolds, School for Graduate Studies

Heather has been given a .25 reassignment through CMLAI. Her research will focus on the development of a repository of “case studies” that faculty in all divisions and departments across the college at both the undergraduate and graduate levels can use in the studies they create.




Photo of Elizabeth Bradley

Elizabeth Bradley, School for Graduate Studies

During her CML reassignment, Betsy plans to create an online course in best practices in online pedagogy. She will do a thorough literature review of best practices in online education. She will also attend ELI (EDUCAUSE Learning Initiative) training courses on this topic, such as Supporting Excellence in Online Instruction, How to Humanize Your Online Course, and Supporting Faculty in Developing Online Course Proficiencies. These trainings will allow Betsy to observe the approach that ELI utilizes in faculty professional development for online teaching, and to collect resources (articles, activities, etc.) that could be useful to include in the course modules that she develops.


Past CML faculty reassignments:

CML Faculty Reassignment Report Template