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Educational Planning Workshop

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CML’s workshop on Educational Planning—first offered as a pilot in 2009 to mentors in the four southern regional centers (Long Island, Harry Van Arsdale, Metro, and Hudson Valley), and then in 2010 to the two western centers (Niagara Frontier and Genesee Valley)—will be offered every year to approximately a third of the faculty doing Educational Planning with undergraduate students. Intending to provide for substantive, helpful examination of mentors’ practice, we hope to support all mentors of undergraduate students—experienced and new, full-time and part-time—in looking thoughtfully and expansively at the purposes and possibilities for Educational Planning and in renewing their practice in this vital process.

In what we hope is a stimulating and supportive forum, mentors come together to share their approaches, help with the challenges, and look together at the questions that arise in Educational Planning. Below is a program template for the workshop, which we tailor each time it is offered to meet the needs and interests of participants.

Program template:

  1. The Why of Educational Planning: What Ed Planning Could, Should Be For
    1. Panel:
      Student or alum sharing his/her experience of EP
      Mentor speaking about reasons for EP, history, policy
      Mentor sharing questions, concerns that have been raised
      Mentor sharing his/her experience and view of purposes, possibilities
    2. Individual reflection and sharing
  2. Problems, Challenges, Critical Dilemmas that Arise: Examining Cases
    1. Challenges/dilemmas that arise: Working on cases
    2. Results of conversations: Sharing thoughts
  3. Ideas, approaches, strategies: Four mentors sharing their work
    1. Presentations
    2. Discussion
    3. Sharing resources
  4. Issues and Recommendations
    1. Technical, procedural, and policy issues that arise
    2. Recommendations that would add value for students and/or be helpful to mentors

(Online follow-up discussion of approaches, strategies, questions that arose)