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New Mentor Orientation

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The New Mentor Orientation (NMO), a year-long orientation to Empire State College for new faculty and academic administrators, is offered by the Center for Mentoring Learning and developed with an NMO planning group made up of faculty and administrators from across the college.  Through the NMO, we intend to help new mentors and academic administrators to learn some of ESC’s history, philosophy and values, as well as learning theory; to gain a sense of the whole institution, including centers and programs, administrative organization, and resources and support available to them; and to learn about modes of mentoring, teaching, and learning across the college, about degree planning and prior learning assessment, and about procedures, policies, and technological systems essential to their work. 

NMO participants now attend two residencies a year, which give them an opportunity to meet one another and others across the college who can be helpful to them.  And through conference calls, Elluminate sessions, and Angel discussions between residencies, new mentors continue to explore various topics more deeply and to learn about these tools as they experience a blended learning model in the NMO.

  1. New Mentor Orientation Schedule

  2. New Mentor Orientation Agendas and Recordings

  3. New Mentor Orientation Discussion Group (Discussion Forum)- Login required