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Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Workshop

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The Center for Mentoring and Learning’s workshop on Prior Learning Assessment is the second of a series of annual workshops on central aspects of mentors’ practice, to be offered across the College.  We hope these workshops will be an opportunity for people to come together to talk about mentoring and learning in areas of importance to our work. 

Our pilot for this workshop (developed by Kathy Jelly, Director of CML; Cathy Leaker, Mentor at the Metropolitan Center; and Bernard Smith, Director of Academic Review at the Center for Distance Learning) was offered May 10, 2010 at CDL, for mentors, DARs and Assessment Specialists from the Central New York Center, CDL, and the Northeast Center, and May 13th at the Metropolitan Center, for mentors, DARs, and Asessment Specialists from the four southern centers (Hudson Valley, Long Island, Metro, and Van Arsdale). 

In what we hope is a stimulating and supportive forum, participants come together to share approaches, help with challenges, and look together at the process of Prior Learning Assessment.  We hope to engage all participants—experienced and new, full- and part-time—in looking thoughtfully and expansively at Prior Learning Assessment.

Below is an outline of the pilot workshop, which we will tailor each time it is offered to meet the needs and interests of participants.

      1. Prior Learning Assessment:  Two stages, three domains

             A.  Identifying, naming, and articulating learning:  Identifying components and creating the texts

                      Three domains:


                            Arts and humanities

                            Personal, discounted learning

              B.  Evaluating learning:  Seeing, framing, and assessing

                      Two roles:



      2. Sharing approaches and resources:

               Poster session

               Presentations from colleagues

      3. Generating recommendations: Looking at what hinders and what could help




                           Professional employees and evaluators