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Supporting Faculty Reassignments

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Center for Mentoring, Learning and Academic Innovation Reassignments

  1. Suggested Reassignment Projects
  2. Current Faculty Reassignments

The Center for Mentoring, Learning and Academic Innovation (CMLAI) faculty development opportunities allow faculty the chance to pursue a wide range of scholarly and/or practice-oriented projects specifically related to teaching, mentoring, adult learning and faculty development.

The Office of Academic Affairs will sponsor one reassignment with the Center for Mentoring, Learning and Academic Innovation for the 2017-2018 academic year. The goal of this reassignment is to provide a full-time faculty member with the time to engage in sustained work relating to the scholarship and practiceof teaching, mentoring and adult learning. In addition to being a part of the CMLAI team, with ongoing opportunities to contribute new energy and ideas to the newly developing vision/mission of CMLAI, faculty in this role will be encouraged to share their work with colleagues within and beyond Empire State College (e.g., through the CMLAI website, workshops, presentations and published writings).

Some suggestions for topics include:

  • The study of blended learning.
  • Learning outcomes development.
  • Incorporating open educational resources (OERs) into ESC studies.
  • The value and examples of self-assessment in student development.
  • Teaching and mentoring different groups of students in different ESC contexts.
  • Specific ways and examples of evaluating student learning.
  • Proposing and carrying out a “case study” of a specific learning opportunity over time.
  • Carrying out and reporting on a model of innovative teaching and learning.

Proposals need not be limited to these examples. Overall, topics related to the scholarship and practice of teaching, mentoring and adult learning are invited.

This reassignment provides .25 release from regular mentoring responsibilities over a period of one year, beginning August 21, 2017 and ending August 17, 2018. The Empire State College Foundation funds this reassignment.

Applicants are encouraged to discuss project ideas with Tom Mackey, vice provost for academic programs, or Alan Mandell, college professor of adult learning and mentoring.

To apply for this position, the applicant should first consult with his/her associate dean or dean about this opportunity and how it supports his/her long-range professional development plans. The applicant should then submit a description of his/her proposed project (approximately 500 words) along with a copy of his/her current curriculum vita to the associate dean or dean by 24 February. The associate dean or dean forwards his/her written recommendation and the candidate’s materials to Kathy Cole ( in the Office of Academic Affairs by 17 March. Tom Mackey and Alan Mandell will then work with a selection committee to make recommendations to the provost. Applicants and associate deans will be notified by 10 April to allow for individual and office planning.

Final Report: Upon completion of the reassignment, the faculty member is responsible for submitting a report to the director of the Center for Mentoring, Learning and Academic Innovation and the associate dean or dean regarding her/his accomplishments during the reassignment, and providing a copy to the Office of Academic Affairs. The faculty member receiving the reassignment is also strongly encouraged to share her/his work with the college community through presentations/writings.

CML Faculty Reassignment Report Template