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Supporting Faculty Associates

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The Center for Mentoring and Learning (CML) faculty development opportunities allow faculty the chance to pursue a wide range of scholarly or practice-oriented projects related to teaching, mentoring and adult learning.

The Center for Mentoring and Learning invites applications for a Faculty Associate for 2016 – 2017. This person will work with the CML team on a project of his or her choice that will support ongoing renewal and development of Empire State College faculty. The goal of this reassignment is to bring new voices to professional development opportunities at Empire State College. Faculty in this role will work with the entire CML operations team to ensure that CML continues to meet the needs of the ESC faculty. New ideas for workshops, presentations, resource sharing, etc. are welcome from the Faculty Associate. The Associate’s own professional development is also an important aspect of this role.

Any project connected to the professional development of the ESC faculty and that addresses the mission of CML will be considered. Some suggestions for topics include: studying innovative uses of technology in mentoring and teaching and sharing that information and experience through CML sponsored webinars and workshops; generating and supporting focused discussion forums about a range of faculty development topics (through live chats, discussion boards, blogs, etc.); providing leadership in the creation of writing groups, research project groups, or even artistic projects that would bring colleagues across the college together as they pursue scholarly and creative work related to their professional development. Proposals need not be limited to these examples. 

This reassignment provides 0.50 release time from regular mentoring responsibilities over a period of one year, beginning August 22, 2016 and ending August 18, 2017.

We encourage applicants to discuss project ideas with any member of the interim CML team (Alan Mandell, Cindy Bates, Desalyn De-Souza) or with members of the CML Advisory Board. 

To apply for this position, the applicant should first consult with his/her dean about this opportunity and how it supports his/her long-range professional development plans. The applicant should then submit a description of his/her ideas for contributing to professional development across the college with CML. He/she should also explain how this work will contribute to his/her own professional development. These materials should be sent to the dean by September 15, 2015 along with his/her current vita. The dean forwards his/her written recommendation and the candidate’s materials to Terri Hilton ( in the Office of Academic Affairs by October 1, 2015. The CML Interim Team (Mandell, Bates, De-Souza) will work with a selection committee to make recommendations to the Provost. Applicants and deans will be notified by November 1, 2015 to allow for individual and office planning.

Final Report: Upon completion of the reassignment, the faculty member is responsible for submitting a report to the Director of the Center for Mentoring and Learning and the dean regarding her/his accomplishments during the reassignment and providing a copy to the Office of Academic Affairs.   


CML Faculty Associates

Photo of Jordan Wright Mentor Jordan Wright (Center for Distance Learning) will become the faculty associate with CML in 2016-2017. During this one year, .50 release from mentoring and teaching responsibilities, Jordan will have an opportunity to pursue his interest in the development of research in the college and to help colleagues gain new tools in educational and social science research design. In addition to his focus on research across the college, he will make regular contributions to CML’s faculty development activities.

Desalyn De-Souza

Desalyn De-Souza, mentor in Community and Human Services and Human Development with the Central New York Region, served as CML faculty associate from July 27, 2015 to July 22, 2016.  De-Souza has served as co-convener of the CML Advisory Board, and has served on the planning groups for both the New Mentor Orientation and the Institute on Mentoring, Teaching and Learning.  She brought not only extensive knowledge of the work of CML, but also, through her participation in conferences and related research projects, considerable knowledge and experience in the field of professional development.  During her time as faculty associate, her projects included piloting models for professional development in the college’s dispersed environment, offering workshops and webinars on learning design and assessment, and furthering CML initiatives in support of adjunct faculty orientation and development.  These efforts, along with promoting the work of CML – both within and outside the college – and sharing the results of her work through articles in higher education publications, support both ESC’s learning community and the college’s contributions to the field.  De-Souza was provided a .50 release from mentoring and teaching as part of this appointment.

Betty Hurley


Betty Hurley, academic area coordinator in mathematics and technology studies at the Center for Distance Learning, served as CML faculty associate from July 2013-July 2015, with a .50 release from mentoring and teaching. Hurley-Dasgupta identified key open educational resources of use to faculty and students, created resource pages in Mahara, investigated assessment of emerging learning and examined the effectiveness of assessment strategies within OERs. She shared the results of her work through workshops, the CML website and articles.

Dee Britton


Dee Britton, academic area coordinator and mentor in Social Theory, Social Structure and Change at the Center for Distance Learning, and mentor at the Central New York Center, served as CML faculty associate from Jan. 22-June 21, 2013. Britton developed a collegewide online faculty learning community for faculty working in social research (launch is pending), an online tutorial in SPSS as an open educational resource, a student social research residency and explored the uses of ePortfolios with her students. She is sharing this work with faculty through presentations, workshops and the CML website. Britton was provided a .50 release from mentoring and teaching as part of this appointment.