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Supporting the Faculty Review Process

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Webinar Recordings (at this link, see "Faculty Review Process" heading):

"CVs and the Review Process": In this webinar, our APC Chairs discussed how colleagues can direct their CVs (curricula vitae) to a particular audience and situation.  For example, in the personnel review process, regional colleagues might know the individual very well, but the members of the APC committee might not.  The CV should give the audience a clear and detailed sense of who the individual is, what they've done and what they're working on.  The presenters addressed these points, and provided sample CVs that can be used as templates.

  • CVs (Thank you to the following faculty for allowing us to share their CVs with our community.)
  • Additional Handouts

"Narratives that Matter: Writing the Self-Report": This webinar covered some basic "cookbook" suggestions that are the result of the committee’s “reading” experience — what works, what wants to be remembered, who the audience is for this kind of narrative, etc.  The discussion linked the Faculty Handbook and the SUNY Trustee’s Guidelines to the kind of report faculty will be writing. Particular attention was paid to the levels of candidacy, i.e., what was good for renewal might not really work for continuing appointment and promotion.