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A place to find special full-length essays, additional artwork and photographs, and special Web links from All About Mentoring.

About All About Mentoring

A biannual publication of SUNY Empire State College, All About Mentoring provides opportunities for colleagues from across the college to share scholarly activities, to reflect on ideas and practices about teaching, learning and mentoring, and, prompted by essays, visual art, poetry, and reviews from in and outside of the college, to think about a range of issues, questions and experiences relevant to our common work.


Coming Soon: Issue 48, Winter 2016

Featured in This Issue

  • SUNY Empire State College Oral History Project: Interview with William R. Dodge
    Richard Bonnabeau, Center for International Programs and College Historian
    Full original text/unedited

AAM 47 Cover Image

Current: Issue 47, Summer 2015

(Available at

All About Mentoring 46 Cover Image

Issue 46, Winter 2015

(Available at

AAM Issue 45 Cover

Issue 45, Summer 2014

Featured in This Issue

  • Scenes from Academic Travel in Panama: The Impetus for Transformational Learning in the Field
    Richard Cattabiani, International Programs and David Lemmon, Department of Biological Sciences, SUNY Ulster County Community College; Kevin L. Woo, Metropolitan Center
    Additional photographs
  • Louise Whitbeck Fraser: Music Therapy Pioneer
    Rebecca Fraser, The Harry Van Arsdale Jr. Center for Labor Studies
    Additional photograph

  • Working With Challenging Students: Some Academic and Personal Considerations
    David Fullard, Metropolitan Center
    Full original text/unedited

Special Links

  • Penny Coleman's testimony during the hearing, “Stopping Suicides: Mental Health Challenges Within the U.S. Department of Veterans Affairs”
    Part I | Part II
  • Holly Adams' art
AAM 44 cover

Issue 44, Winter 2013-2014

Featured in This Issue

Special Links

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Past issues of All About Mentoring

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