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Here you will find five bibliographies related to mentoring, teaching and learning, as well as about our learners, pedagogy and technology, and scholarship; samples of degree plans, learning contracts, evaluations and other materials; a quick resource guide; and links to offices that can be of help to you.

  1. Bibliographies

    1. Adult Development

    2. Adult Learning and Mentoring

    3. Mentoring, Teaching and Learning

    4. Mentoring, Teaching and Learning Online Bibliography

    5. Thinking of Scholarship Bibliography: A Developing Bibliography

  2. Internal Resources

    1. Materials

      1. Sample Learning Contracts

      2. Sample Degree Plans

      3. Sample Evaluations

      4. Sample Educational Planning Assignments and Activities

      5. Educational Planning Learning Contracts

      6. Educational Planning Workshop Presentations

      7. Sample Prior Learning Assessment Assignments

      8. Strategies for Supporting Learning

      9. Strategies for Supporting Writing

      10. Rubrics for Assessment: Resources and Samples

      11. Writing the Rationale Essay

      12. Formative Assessment Resources

      13. Self-Assessment

      14. Learning Outcomes Assessment

      15. Open Education Resources

      16. Sustainability Education Resources

      17. Academic Skills Development Across the Areas of Study Resources

    2. Learning Resources

    3. Resources for Adjunct Faculty

    4. Presentations

    5. Office of Academic Affairs (OAA): Faculty and Academic Affairs Resources

    6. Office of Integrated Technologies (OIT)

    7. Office of Collegewide Academic Support (OCAS)

    8. Office of Collegewide Academic Review (OCAR)

    9. Center for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (CPIE)

    10. College Professor of Adult Learning and Mentoring (CPALM)

    11. Office of Sponsored Programs

    12. CDL Instructor News

    13. Book Ordering

  3. External Resources

    1. Higher Education and Adult Education Resource Organizations

      1. Adult Learning and Education

      2. Higher Education

      3. Online Education

    2. Grant and Funding Applications (External Funding)

    3. External Mentoring, Teaching and Learning Resources

    4. Open Education Resources

    5. Assessment

      1. Rubrics

      2. Resources and Articles

      3. Formative Assessment

    6. Prior Learning Assessment Resources

    7. Presentations

    8. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning

    9. Learning Contract Design

    10. Journals on Mentoring, Teaching and Learning

    11. Mentoring and Teaching Tips

  4. Quick Resource Guide