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SUNY Empire State College has been provided the opportunity to participate in Scholar Universe (, a national database for faculty members.  Voluntary participation in this effort to promote SUNY faculty and research interests is encouraged, particularly for those in science and technology fields.  The database promotes visibility for faculty seeking grants and for those seeking collaboration amongst colleagues. As it is publically available on the Internet, Scholar Universe allows for the possibility of broad collaboration among faculty nationwide.  Both the Chancellor's Office and the SUNY faculty senate have reviewed participation by SUNY.

For those faculty who prefer not to be listed at all, they can easily delete their profiles by sending an email request to mailto:  For those who wish to edit their information, they can do so as well update their profile at any time. Faculty can choose to add information such as Web pages with publications, CV Web pages, additional email addresses and additional affiliations. For any of these changes, there is an approximate two week waiting period for the information to be updated on the site.  In addition to the above stated information, publications are also linked to faculty profiles through a matching algorithm that accesses the following sources: PubMed citation database, CSA citation databases, ProQuest citation databases, ERIC citation database and Agricola citation database.

Attached is a document from Scholar Universe that details information regarding the database and how to add, delete and make changes to faculty profiles.  If you should have additional questions, please contact the Office of the Provost.  A link to Scholar Universe and the attached document will be permanently available on the OAA and CML websites and the OAA Academic Commons page.  Please visit these sites at: and

As the Empire State College 2015 Strategic Plan includes key goals on the creation, sharing and dissemination of new knowledge, The Center for Planning and Institutional Effectiveness (C-PIE) has also been exploring the use of a database tool to assist faculty in storing similar information to the Scholar Universe with some significant enhancements, but the particular details have not yet been finalized.  Once this tool is in place, the Scholar Universe database should be able to be populated from it, thereby reducing the data entry load on faculty.