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  1. Home Page
    1. About CML
      1. Mission, Goals and Vision
      2. Who We Are
        1. Staff
        2. CML Advisory Board Minutes
    2. Contact us
      1. CML (address, phone numbers, and email addresses)
      2. Send Us
        1. Your Comments and Suggestions for CML
        2. Your Publications and Presentation Announcements
        3. Information Regarding Workshops and Events
        4. Your Innovations in Practice: Face-to-Face, Blended or Online Mentoring & Teaching Models
        5. Your Interest in Getting Involved
        6. Your Interest in Starting a New Discussion Group
        7. Your Interest in Joining an Existing Community Group
        8. Create a Community Group
    3. CML Site Map
    4. Search
    5. Login (login required)
    6. Quick links
      1. ESC Home
      2. ESCnet
      3. MyESC
      4. Office of Academic Affairs
      5. Faculty Mentor Directory
      6. Faculty AOS Directory
      7. Library
      8. Techinfo
      9. Quick Resource Guide
        1. Learning Resources
        2. Working with Students
        3. Academic Issues & Support
        4. Technology Resources
        5. Scholarly Activity
        6. Undergraduate Degree Plan
        7. Graduate Degree Planning
      10. Bibliographies
      11. Website User Guide
    7. Join Our Community (login required)
    8. Enter Community Groups (login required)
      1. Create a New Community
      2. How to Use Community Groups (Community Group User Guide)
    9. Enter Discussion Forums (login required)
      1. Request a New Discussion Forum
      2. Request Joining an Existing Discussion Forum
      3. How to Use Discussion Forum (Discussion Forum User Guide)
    10. CML News and Announcements
    11. Calendars for Professional Development
      1. Across Empire State College
        1. Events and Workshops Across the College
        2. CML Yearly Professional Development Calendar
        3. College Professional Development Application Calendar
      2. Outside Empire State College
        1. Events and Workshops of Interest Outside the College
        2. Grants and Funding Application Due Dates
        3. Conferences and Presentation Proposal Due Dates
        4. Calls for Papers, Book Chapters and Articles
    12. For New Mentors
      1. Profiles
        1. New Mentor Profiles
        2. New Mentor Orientation Planning Group Profiles
      2. New Mentor Orientation
        1. New Mentor Orientation Schedule
        2. New Mentor Orientation Residency Agendas
        3. New Mentor Orientation Discussion Group (Discussion Forum) (login required)
        4. New Mentor Conference Call Agendas, Presentations and Resources
        5. New Faculty Roundtable (Community Group) (login required)
    13. Events and Workshops Across the College
    14. Events and Workshops of Interest Outside the College
  2. Mentoring, Teaching and Learning
    1. Mentoring Essentials
      1. Mentoring at Empire State College
      2. Roles of Mentors
      3. Managing Workload
    2. Working with students 
      1. Adults as Learners
        1. Strengths
        2. Challenges
        3. Mentor-Student Relationships
        4. Practical Suggestions for Working with Adults
        5. Guiding Adult Independent Study
      2. Pre-enrollment
        1. Initial Inquiry
        2. Orientation
        3. First Meeting
          1. The Importance of First Meeting
          2. Mentor Role in First Meeting
          3. Preparing for First Meeting
          4. What Students Know Before First Meeting
          5. Questions
          6. Advisory Alerts
          7. What Students and Mentor Should Have at End of First Meeting
      3. Enrolling Students
        1. What Will the Student Learn?
        2. How Will the Student Learn It?
        3. What Are the Next Steps?
      4.  Learning Contracts
        1. What Is a Learning Contract?
        2. Education Philosophy
        3. Involving the Student
        4. Generic Contracts
        5. The Student’s First Contract
    3. Academic Issues
      1. Student Contact: Sustaining Communication
      2. Academic Skills
        1. Active and Critical Reading
        2. Assessing Writing Skills
        3. Critical Thinking
      3. Plagiarism and Academic Dishonesty
      4. Students with Special Needs
      5. Student Rate of Progress
    4. Planning Degrees
      1. Undergraduate Educational Planning
        1. About the Educational Planning Process
          1. Objectives
          2. Relating Degree Program Planning to Empire State College's Educational Philosophy
          3. Naming the Study
          4. Timing of Educational Planning
          5. "The Bottom Line"
          6. Learning Activities in Degree Program Planning
        2. Early Conversations
          1. Reviewing Applications
          2. Reviewing Transcripts
          3. Early Educational Planning Conversations
        3. Possible Learning Activities
          1. The Thumbnail Sketch: Identifying Issues and Potential Problems
          2. Autobiographies/Personal Histories
          3. Exploring Expectations in the Student's Field of Interest
          4. Career and Academic Audiences
          5. Prior Learning
        4. Degree Program Design
          1. Concentration
          2. Liberal Arts and Sciences
          3. Advanced Level Study
          4. Breadth and General Education Requirements; General Education Mentor Kit
          5. The Degree Program Rationale
          6. DP Planner
          7. Assessing Committee Outcomes
        5. Educational Planning Materials Specific to CDL
          1. Planning and Finalizing the Degree
          2. Educational Planning Courses Other than Planning and Finalizing the Degree
          3. Educational Planning Experiments
        6. Educational Planning Materials Specific to the Nursing Program
          1. Purpose, Course Objectives and Learning Activities
          2. Method and Criteria for Evaluation, and Grading Rubrics
      2. Graduate Degree Planning
    5. Modes of Study
    6. Innovations in Practice
      1. Faculty Collaborations
    7. Assessing and Evaluating Learning
      1. Formative Assessment
      2. New Mentor Orientation sessions on evaluation
      3. CML Mentoring Workshops
    8. Blended and Online Pedagogy
  3. Programs and Services
    1. New Mentor Orientation
      1. New Mentor Orientation Schedule
      2. New Mentor Orientation Agendas and Recordings
      3. New Mentor Orientation Discussion Group (Discussion Forum)- Login required
    2. Workshops and Events
      1. Prior Learning Assessment (PLA) Workshop
      2. Educational Planning Workshop
      3. Blended Learning Models Workshop
      4. June Academic Conference 2009 and 2010
      5. Institute on Mentoring, Teaching and Learning
      6. CML Mentoring and Teaching Workshops
      7. CML Webinars
    3. Individual Consultation
    4. Posting Information:  Workshops and Events Across the College
    5. Supporting Communication and Collaboration
      1. Scholarship and Research (Projects in Progress Discussion Forum) (login required)
      2. a. Mentoring and Teaching  (Talking About Practice Discussion Forum) (login required)
        b. Mentoring, Teaching and Learning (Book Group Discussion Forum) (login required)
    6. Supporting Faculty Reassignments
      1. Suggested Reassignment Projects
      2. Current Faculty Reassignments
    7. Supporting Faculty Associates
  4. Scholarship and Research
    1. Research Opportunities
    2. Conferences and Presentation Proposal Due Dates
    3. Grant and Funding Applications
    4. Office of Grants and Contracts
    5. College Professor of Adult Learning and Mentoring (CPALM)
    6. Projects in Progress (Discussion Forum) (login required)
    7. Thinking of Scholarship: A Developing Bibliography
    8. Scholar Universe
    9. Internal Faculty Publications
    10. External Faculty Publications
  5. Publications
    1. Internal Faculty Publications
    2. External Faculty Publications
    3. All About Mentoring
    4. Mentor Interviews
    5. CML Newsletter
  6. Blended and Online Pedagogy
    1. Online and Blended Mentoring, Teaching and Learning Models
    2. Blended Models
      1. CML/OIT Blended Learning Models Workshop Syllabus
      2. Blended Learning Workshop Elluminate Presentation (recorded)
    3. Mentoring, Teaching, and Learning Online: A Developing Bibliography
    4. Blended and Online Pedagogy Resources
  7. Resources
    1. Bibliographies
      1. Adult Development
      2. Adult Learning and Mentoring
      3. Mentoring, Teaching, and Learning
      4. Mentoring, Teaching, and Learning Online Bibliography
      5. Thinking of Scholarship Bibliography: A Developing Bibliography
      6. Search Bibliographies
      7. Suggest A Bibliography Entry
      8. My Favorite Bibliography Entries (login required)
      9. How to Use My Favorite Bibliography Entries
    2. Internal Resources
      1. Materials
        1. Sample Learning Contracts
        2. Sample Degree Plans
        3. Sample Evaluations
        4. Sample Educational Planning Assignments and Activities
        5. Educational Planning Learning Contracts
        6. Educational Planning Workshop Presentations
        7. Sample Prior Learning Assessment Assignments
        8. Strategies for Supporting Learning
        9. Strategies for Supporting Writing
        10. Rubrics for Assessment: Resources and Samples
        11. Writing the Rationale Essay
        12. Formative Assessment Resources
        13. Self-Assessment
        14. Outcomes Assessment (login required)
        15. Open Educational Resources (Internal)
        16. Sustainability Education Resources
        17. Academic Skills Development Across the Areas of Study Resources
      2. Learning Resources
      3. Resources for Adjunct Faculty
      4. Presentations
      5. Office of Academic Affairs (OAA): Faculty and Academic Affairs Resources
      6. Office of Integrated Technologies (OIT)
      7. Office of Collegewide Academic Support (OCAS)
      8. Office of Collegewide Academic Review (OCAR)
      9. Decision Support
      10. College Professor of Adult Learning and Mentoring (CPALM)
      11. Office of Sponsored Programs
      12. CDL Instructor News
      13. Book Ordering
    3. External Resources
      1. Higher Education and Adult Education Resources Organizations
        1. Adult Learning and Education
        2. Higher Education
        3. Online Education
      2. Grant and Funding Applications (External funding)
      3. External Mentoring, Teaching and Learning Resources
      4. Open Educational Resources (External)
      5. Assessment
        1. Rubrics
        2. Resources and Articles
        3. Formative Assessment
      6. Prior Learning Assessment Resources
      7. Presentations
      8. Scholarship of Teaching and Learning
      9. Learning Contract Design
      10. Journals on Mentoring, Teaching and Learning
      11. Mentoring and Teaching Tips
    4. Quick Resource Guide